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Our PSI range is high quality, ergonomic,
and has a great looking modern design.  

All units are re-fillable, and rubber
cartridges replaceable.


Click the PSI link below to see sizes,
prices and ink colour chart to make
your selection.




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Please type the information you need on your stamp here, OR: Upload a sample by clicking on the link below.   Please note: Basic typesetting is included in the stamp price. Pictures or logos incure an additional $15 for artwork set up.


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NOTE: ZipPrint is therefore NOT responsible for any errors or layout issues if you do not wish to receive a proof.



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Please note: Files up to 15MB only.
For files over 15MB you can load onto a CD or USB stick and bring them in to us,
email us using your own FTP transfer server, or use this
You can also fax us your sample or changes if you wish: 08 8984 4782.